Hi! I'm Venus Monique. 


It took me a looong time to say I'm an actor - because I never wanted to be one.

God told me to do acting while I was in college, so here I am, being obedient to the call... and you know what?

It's been a fun ride. 

A short overview of my journey...

‚ÄčI started getting gigs with Craiglist...¬†

Then I booked a stand-in gig on the The Lying Game (an ABC Family show) for almost 2 seasons...

Which led to me working on larger films as the stand-in for Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and a couple of others.

To get around more Christian filmmakers, I volunteered at The Attic Film Fest in Austin, TX as the Emcee where I got to interview some uber talented filmmakers...

This allowed me to connect with Dallas Jenkins (The Chosen), Jarod O'Flaherty (Vindication), Brent McCorkle (Jesus Revolution, I Can Only Imagine), and Jamie Sterba (Simon Says).

Meeting Jarod led to us working together on a short film, and he eventually cast me as Kris Tanner, one of the lead detectives in his show, Vindication.

Some tools and training... 

When I moved to Austin, TX, I tried several acting classes and workshops to see what fit me best. Some of those were:

  • Carol Hickey - this was my favorite technique; I trained with¬†Carol for about 4 years
  • Laurel Vouvray - I did Laurel's Meisner training for about 2 years
  • Harry Mastrogeorge - former teacher and director at¬†American Academy of Dramatic Arts; he also directed some episodics¬†such as Miami Vice, The Love Boat, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • Debi Derryberry - for voiceover work; Debi's best known¬†for being¬†the voice of Jimmy Neutron
  • Irene White - she taught improv and is amazing
  • Stephen Bridgewater - we did some cold read classes and acting for the camera workshops
  • John Williams - he's a casting director in Austin; his commercial¬†workshops were always super helpful
  • Donise Hardy - another commercial audition workshop¬†
  • plus many more workshops with various coaches

Awards and blessings... 

God's provided some amazing blessings and a lot of work for me since starting this journey:

  • Riding ATVs for a Ford commercial was¬†definitely a fun day
  • I booked a Rexulti (depression) commercial for which I didn't even audition
  • The first play I tried out for, I booked the lead role, and the first feature film I auditioned for, I booked the lead role (I think these were God confirming what He told me to do)
  • I've been a stylist in a Great Clips commercial, the bride in Say Yes to the Dress, the patient in a dental commercial, a basketball player in a Big 12 commercial, plus a ton of other work
  • Going to Big Bend National Park for my lead role in Genesis has been a highlight when it comes to filming locations
  • I've had a recurring lead role¬†in a¬†popular Christian¬†crime drama series (Vindication)
  • Doing Krav Maga training for a self-defense commercial was a ton of fun
  • During a musical, I started out as the understudy, then got bumped up to a newsie shortly after
  • And I've earned numerous Best Actress awards, along with multiple nominations in other categories


I'd love to hear from you if there's an opportunity to collaborate!

Shoot me an email [ [email protected]¬†] or choose an option below.


Pray and push,

Venus Monique

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