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courses for youth and young adults!

(Finally, right?!)

  • skip the #awkwardness of learning the hard way

  • dump your embarrassment and insecurities

  • explode with confidence!


What is
Personal Powerhouse?

Have you ever been embarrassed or frustrated for not knowing something? Us, too.


It's not fun, so we've created easy peasy courses to help you move into adulthood on the right foot.


Your parents would love to show you everything, but they're probably super busy, so we're picking up where school leaves off and

teaching you the basics of adulthood.

The Game-Changers

How about having common sense before you need it? Not after you've already put the metal in the microwave.

This is where you'll learn how to go about adulthood on your own (money, travel, life skills, etc.). We've got PLENTY of tips and tricks you'll be glad you learned.

There are some things (time management, safety, health, etc.) that everyone needs to know, regardless of age. That'll be taught here.

We'll teach you things about high school you didn't know (and probably didn't even know to ask). We'll also give you need-to-know tips for after high school.

Movin' On Up 
(ages 13-18)

All Around

(ages 13-25)

Up and Out

(ages 18-25)

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