Entrepreneur Tools


I've tried several platforms since starting my business in 2019.

If you're wanting to start and grow your own business, I'm happy to offer my top recommendations to help shortcut your growth.

Some of these are affiliate links and some are not.

I wouldn't recommend something that I didn't fully trust to perform well and help you do business better.

*It helps me to know what other entrepreneurs use, so if you're also curious, I'm happy to share.


Kajabi is my #1 recommendation for online businesses. It takes the place of a ton of other websites so you're not having to remember a bunch of logins or open a bunch of windows while you work. 

It has the ability to conquer all of these: your website builder, email marketing, payments, webinars, podcast hosting, coaching, courses, events, communities, etc.

Even when I didn't much income from my business, I knew that using Kajabi was going to save me in the long run - and it has.  

*Paid (and worth every penny)

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Calendly is a game-changer for scheduling appointments with others. 

Send them your Calendly link (which knows your availability because it talks with your own calendar) and let them choose what fits them best. You can also automate reminder emails, thank-you emails, Zoom links, questions, etc.

Calendly talks with your calendar, so when someone schedules with you, it automatically pops up on your own calendar.

*Free and paid

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Trello is a project management system, so ALL of those ideas you have swirling around in your brain, you can put in Trello.

You can add due date, labels, add a team member or an assistant, make instructional checklists, add links, etc. 

It's an excellent resource for keeping track of everything you have going on - and things you're brainstorming about adding to your business one day.

*Free and Paid

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The Front Row CEO is what helped me start scaling my business. I knew I needed help in the form of an assistant, and I knew I wanted to try to virtual option.

Jen Lehner created an incredibly thorough course to hire a perfect virtual assistant for your business.

It covers everything: what to write in the job post, where to post it and how, how to pay them, how to set up the taxes, how to track their work, etc.

*Paid (and worth every penny)

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The Small Biz Starter Kit is one of the first things I bought after Kajabi.

If I was going to become a profitable business, I knew I needed to understand the numbers, so I bought this to help me with my Profit & Loss, my mileage, and tax reminders.

Katie Ferro does an amazing job of keeping things simple so I can understand how my business is running. She also runs a bookkeeping business if you'd rather someone do the numbers for you.

*Paid (and totally worth it)

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